Dixie Auto Salvage Inc

Automobile Wrecking, Washington
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Dixie Auto Salvage Inc


Dixie Auto Salvage Inc

1795 E Washington Dam Rd ,
Washington UT 84780
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Dixie Auto Salvage uses the most advanced software in the industry. We store and categorize over 10,000 new and used parts. Add that to our nation-wide part sourcing network, and a facility that processes over 30 vehicles a week, and we have a trifecta of sourcing power to find you the right part for the right price! We are also linked to every recycler in the country. We use nationwide data to price every one of our parts, and we do our research to keep our prices fiercely competitive online and at home. We've been serving the public for almost 20 years, so you know we're here for every repair, not just some one-time love. With our top notch part specialists, daily deliveries to Southern Utah, and a nationwide shipping schedule, we are here to serve you where, when, and how you are. Call or visit our website today!

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